23 Comments on “Roto Grip Rubicon™ UC2 – 5 Styles”

  1. Preordered mine the moment I saw it pop up on the Website! Rubicon and Idols are some of my favorite balls of all time!

  2. Rolls really good, and love the color scheme. May get one if they don’t come out with an RST-X1 Pearl. Both of my Pearls are pretty strong, so this feels like it would be right below what I have now (900 Global Honey Badger Teal and the red Physix Power Elite)

  3. Hook & set in an asym pearl… perfect replacement for people who had pin down code blacks and marvel pearls with a big hole below the midline on the Val

  4. You guys had some really good releases this year, with my favorite being the Synergy. Since the Halo Pearl, I haven’t really matched up with an asym pearl that I like, but this could very well finally be my replacement, since the Halo Pearl was discontinued (sad face). Ball looks strong but controllable on the back end I’m liking what I’m seeing.

  5. Man Roto Grip you people always make great bowling balls and new ways to impress me and that’s why I will always Support Roto Grip. Also #SquadRG and #RotoGrip

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