Roto Grip RST X-2 Ball Review By Luis Napoles | Asym Version Of The Zen?!?

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This RST x-2 BLEW my mind!!!

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14 Comments on “Roto Grip RST X-2 Ball Review By Luis Napoles | Asym Version Of The Zen?!?”

  1. I love the look of this RST-X2 on the lane. Since you talked about how pretty the ball is, maybe for future videos you could show a close up of the ball. I love reviews, but I also love looking at the pours of each ball

  2. Dark Code review next? You could even do a test of all three of these Asymmetric Pearls. Just an idea, but on another note keep up the great reviews! I am glad to see how far your game has come along. keep it up!

  3. Wait, did you just Babe Ruth that ball? Lol

    Killer vid and assessment as usual

  4. I have the X1 and I love it. I can’t wait to get the X2. I have seen a lot of your reviews and you struggle to get balls to shape like that at times. That ball looks amazing going down the lane.

  5. WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! I want to know how you have this ball when the release date is August 27, 2021….. I know how you got the Motiv stuff pre-release but as a free agent, HOW! I have a X1 and love it so yes I want an X2, keep up the great videos!

  6. Another great ball review. My favorite part is the versatility test. I have never thrown the really big hook, but your reviews have
    encouraged me to see how much I can get out of my equipment and to maybe try some stronger bowling balls.

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