Roto Grip RST X-2 Ball Review | 300 out of the box? | Carry Monster!

Storm Pro Shop Staffer Anthony Wiegand throws the RST X-2, the newest asymmetric pearl bowling ball from Roto Grip bowling! Multiple angles, commentary, and more!

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25 Comments on “Roto Grip RST X-2 Ball Review | 300 out of the box? | Carry Monster!”

  1. I already got one and too me, I’m not a big fan of it, on fresh that is. I’ve slowly worked it into my arsenal. Zen, dark code, rst 2. League night I’ll start zen for the first game, and maybe half of the second. Then transition too the dark code too finish out. And the rst 2 too close out the 3rd

  2. Neat to see this out before anyone else. Do you have some sort of agreement with storm/roto to have this out before the normal deadline?

  3. This is why bowling is a joke these days. Just crank it and throw it. There is no sport anymore. It’s just a strikefest. No skill anymore.

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