Roto Grip Reaction Video | HP3 | IDOL Pro™

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We present to you the "Roto Grip Reaction Video" for the IDOL Pro which was created from the submissions of both fans and staffers… ENJOY!

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One Comment on “Roto Grip Reaction Video | HP3 | IDOL Pro™”

  1. Shouldn’t the idol pro have been a hybrid since there’s already an idol solid and Pearl I mean it only makes sense

    There’s the Roto Grip Halo Pearl solid and vision which is a hybrid

    The hustle series has solid pearl and hybrid

    The cell series has solid pearl and hybrid

    The dare devil series has solid hybrid and pearl

    SO how come the idol series doesn’t have a hybrid? It would’ve been cool if the idol series had a hybrid the idol pro definitely should’ve been a hybrid but that’s just my opinion

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