Roto Grip Optimum Idol Bowling Ball Review! This Is The One We Have Been Waiting For!

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Today we are reviewing the all new Roto Grip Optimum Idol. The idol name is back and better than ever! This bowling ball has a release date of March 15th and you're not gonna wanna miss this one!

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35 Comments on “Roto Grip Optimum Idol Bowling Ball Review! This Is The One We Have Been Waiting For!”

  1. For a Pattern Video of the Optimum Idol I’d probably go with the 45ft Dragon Pattern and for a ball comparison I’d probably compare it to both the Harsh Reality and the original Reality.

    1. What are your thoughts with this idol vs song other choices like you 4k Reality you did awhile back? I notice in a lot of your videos your way inside at that house as oppose to where I would be in my house lol. My current balls I use typically are Phaze 2. I try to step down to a trend 2 but I don’t like that ball much, can’t seem to make it work. Would this be similar of an adjustments. My other balls I have is a phaze 5, Reality, and Hyroad

  2. You need to throw this against the summit at the same surface, if you look at the two side by side core numbers and core shapes, they look almost identical

  3. The Phaze II is my favorite ball and I use it every time I bowl. I am looking forward to that comparison. Beef And Barnzy said they pretty much take the same spot in an arsenal. I like the way this ball looks but I’m not shopping for a replacement for the Phaze II. Can’t wait for that video!

  4. I find this hilarious. I just drilled an og Idol that I had stashed away for a few years. The Idol is possibly my favorite sym ball of all time. Looks like this Optimum is a go getter for me.

  5. as i just bought the black widow 3.0 and the extreme envy i would like to see those three in comparison. and what pound ball do you throw?

  6. I believe the microtrax cover stock was released first on the original defiant bowling ball. I could be wrong but im almost positive it was the coverstock on the defiant i love that cover stock if its the same one.. the defiant is my favorite ball of all time..

  7. The ball we knew was coming, we just didn’t know the version we’d see. Watch out tour…we have a happy Simo that was crushing without an Idol in the bag 🙂

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