Roto Grip MVP Attitude™ – Tour Staff

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Check out different members of our Tour Staff tossing the MVP Attitude…

Various Rev Rates… Various Styles… Multiple Angles on the Lane!

This will give you a great understanding as to how this HP2 line ball works.

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One Comment on “Roto Grip MVP Attitude™ – Tour Staff”

  1. Wes Mallott always sells a ball for me, all of his shots look so good, he’s a big reason why I wanted a

    Storm iq tour pearl

    Roto Grip Halo Pearl

    Storm iq tour emerald

    Storm Pitch black

    Roto Grip Halo solid

    The Roto Grip Halo Pearl is my most favorite ball of all time, and now I actually have it and bowl with it, it’s so awesome

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