Roto Grip Magic Gem Bowling Ball Review! Carrying On The Gem Name!

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Review of the new Roto Grip Magic Gem! Like the Gem and Exotic Gem before it the Magic Gem is hook in a box!

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33 Comments on “Roto Grip Magic Gem Bowling Ball Review! Carrying On The Gem Name!”

  1. Arsenal is currently the Zen, Exotic Gem, Phaze 2, and Fatal Venom… Averaging 700 the past 2 weeks with them. Our league has adopted the gems like crazy. Looks like a ton of superman ice cream on the ball returns.

  2. I have mixed feelings on this ball. If someone has the Gem, what’s the point? Its seems too close to the original. Especially if it’s a solid-dominant hybrid. Not too excited for this one.

    1. It may be similar to the gem but it appears it’ll have that little bit of shape potential that the gem doesn’t quite always have.

    2. Yea I mean they definitely are very similar but the magic will shape more when the og Gem wants to roll substantially more forward

  3. RST X-1 was microtrax hybrid, 2 parts solid, 1 part pearl. Biggest difference is the RG should make the Magic Gem much earlier.

  4. I would definitely buy one of those except I just bought an eternity pi. After one of your videos I bought the eternity and drilled it pin down and I love it. You can gloss the ball for a certain lane conditions and it works amazing

  5. This ball seems way too strong for me to use in league 🙁. What I am excited for is the TNT infused (hybrid of the original TNT). The TNT is my favorite ball right now for league as it has a good balance between motion and strength for my game.

  6. They really failing on all the gems color ways, it’s called the gem and you don’t use any gem colors, let’s use big bird yellow instead of topaz, let’s use double bubble pink instead of ruby, let’s use turquoise instead of sapphire, I swear Roto got a deal on the cheapest colors out there and got to clear stock, imagine the looks of these balls if they had the !Q colors that actually look like gem stones

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