Roto Grip Idol vs Idol Helios! The Comparison We Have ALL Been Waiting For! Both Brand New!

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I finally got my hands on a brand new undrilled Roto Grip Idol so I drilled it and drilled a fresh Idol Helios to make this comparison!

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16 Comments on “Roto Grip Idol vs Idol Helios! The Comparison We Have ALL Been Waiting For! Both Brand New!”

  1. I’m looking to purchase the Idol Helios soon. Want a strong solid but, nothing as strong as my Reality bowling ball. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to say about both bowling balls.

  2. My son, has both, finds the Helios is too strong for house, but always uses it for a benchmark on most sport patterns. He swears the Helios picks up speed as it gets closer to the pins. 2 hander. He uses the original Idol as one of his benchmark balls on house shot. If the house shot is burnt up enough, the Helios works for him sometimes.

  3. I have both and I can say that the helios is earlier, stronger and more continuous. They complement each other well

  4. I own the orange one and I love it so much it my spare for the left side never fails even on sport shots .

  5. Helios is #1 on my wish list (UC3 and Nova are the #2 and #3) but it’s confusing to see because in leagues, someone has one but only used it in practice and put it back in the bag the one time I saw it ever LOL.

  6. I have both, and they’re both drilled the same, but the helios is stronger… alot stronger

  7. I’ve got the Helios, mainly shoot on house patterns, and at first wasn’t to sure how i felt about it, was a little over/under on me. Changed the surface to 3000 and been lights out ever sense. Normally my go to solid right now, love it!

  8. Lefty who bowls mostly house shot. I have the Idol Helios as my big ball for the fresh, then I move down to your (former sponsor) favorite the Motiv Venom shock. Then I have a camo hustle for burn and an old Optimus pearl for when I need a different look. Pick spares with my trusty Pitch Black too.

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