5 Comments on “Roto Grip IDOL™ Synergy – Tour Staff”

  1. It’s amazing how in these ball reaction videos EVERY shot strikes! Never a 10pin! How unrealistic! Just think what would happen if a one of the ball companies introduced a ball guaranteed to strike EVERY time!

  2. Best ball I’ve ever thrown. Have owned and drilled TONS of balls. In fact I’ve got 27 of my own in my pro shop right now, I dont do this often but I’m buying at least 2 more and keeping them in the box at home, first 4 weeks of throwing it I shot 299 two 279s and a few 740s just an all around absolute monster enjoyed all the other idols but the idol was a touch early for me and the pearl was too late of a ball to start with. I can throw the synergy all night as long as I keep up with transition keep it up roto great product

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