Roto Grip | Idol Helios & Rubicon UC3 | New Idol Cover! | New Rubicon Urethane Pearl?!?

Chris Beans breaks down the IDOL HELIOS & RUBICON UC3, the newest announced balls from ROTO GRIP bowling! Full specs and commentary!

URD 11-19-2021!!!!

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32 Comments on “Roto Grip | Idol Helios & Rubicon UC3 | New Idol Cover! | New Rubicon Urethane Pearl?!?”

  1. The Idol spec sheet says it’s for Medium/Medium-Heavy. The website says Light-Medium/Light. I’m guessing the website is wrong, and it’s a medium/heavy ball… because it’s an HP3 ball.
    I’m a big fan of asym urethanes… and of urethane pearls. The Rubicon may be a ball I pick up.

    1. Yeah especially considering it’s a 2000 grit when it is at that grit it is ussually meant for more oil

    2. Medium Heavy. Websites tend to sometimes copy templates from previous products and forget to update details.

  2. Cool video talk to tech bowling ball roto grip ido Helioz new technology more hitting power more strike and spares and roto grip rubbicon uc3 bowling ball with new technology in the bowling ball more hitting power more strike and spares ok bowler rant

  3. Im confused as to what the purpose of the UC3 is. Oh well, probably means its not for my low revs. Lol

    1. Urethane style balls are meant for short patterns or patterns which high amount of surface. This ball is asymmetric pearl urethane

    1. I haven’t used my hot cell on sport shot yet but I shined mine up and I can use mine in game 1 of league for ths n I’m not a high rev guy either

    2. Black Widow Urethane was even more core with more asymmetry, wasn’t much on my radar so I don’t really know how it went over.

    3. @Cardinal Copium the one I did see someone use seemed to hook a ton, right off his hand so that’s pretty much what I saw too.

  4. Love the UC3 Chris, Now I’m digging the NEW HELIOS, this Ball Helios will be in my bag of 6, for break down patterns, League 2nd/3rd game. UC3 Chris is my understanding of this UC3, ASYM, -Q is “Is it a urethane, or like the MOTIV desert Tank/blitz?? That is my Q, yes I can not wait for our sport shot league with this ball( UC3 ). So both balls are for lite/ to Med/ lite oil, .. bowlersmart when will they have them by chance release date? Do you know Mr.Chris.
    Thanks again for the great info as always you give us bowlers✌️

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