Roto Grip IDOL™ Helios – PROMO

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For those who loved, adored and appreciated the original IDOL… get ready to turn some heads and make some noise with the NEW IDOL Helios!


Visit your local Bowling Pro Shop to learn where it will fit into your arsenal.


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10 Comments on “Roto Grip IDOL™ Helios – PROMO”

    1. FROSTECY…. thanks for watching our “PROMO”…. and sorry to hear about your eyes. Might we suggest the “Product Showcase” section for slower more stable videos rather than our PROMO / Product Hype Videos.

    1. Tom… thanks for watching the “PROMO”… if you are looking for a more generic/traditional ball reaction video might we suggest you check out the “Product Showcase” playlist where you will find what you are hoping for.

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