Roto Grip IDOL™ Cosmos – 4 Styles

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Just Like That… Order Has Been Restored In The Universe – thanks to the creation of the IDOL Cosmos….

Given the unparalleled success of the IDOL™ Helios (Not one but TWO sanctioned 900 series), we felt it was an absolute must to create a "Pearlized" version of that same XtremeTrax™ coverstock chemistry with the same Ikon™ Core inside…

Check out our four players providing four different views of the COSMOS….

All shots performed on a 42' house pattern.

✔️0:00 Intro with Chris Schlemer
✔️0:42 Kendle
✔️1:06 Jillian
✔️1:37 Chayton
✔️2:04 Spencer

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18 Comments on “Roto Grip IDOL™ Cosmos – 4 Styles”

  1. Storm/Roto has been missing a reaction like this in the US. Looking very similar to the Marvel Maxx Pearls that have been overseas releases. This should be a big winner

    1. 90% of my fellow league bowlers are strokers, myself included. Would be nice to see how this ball reacts for the speed dominant players.

    2. Exactly, I still have 25 years left in me to bowl. And there’s a way bigger ratio of strokers in leagues than there are crankers but I guess they think Norm and Liz are dead.

  2. Whoever is making these videos please, ask for the investment of a microphone these videos sound like they’re recorded from a laptop.

  3. I appreciate the commentary provided by Schlem here, def adds to the ease of understanding the design intent and what to expect from the new ball. Keep it up guys!!

  4. Reminds me a lot of the iQ nano pearl, but most likely flares more which smooths the break point a little more.

    1. Would be a step up from a Spectre, core and cover are both stronger, Hy Road Pearl would be closer to the Spectre, it’s slightly weaker but the reaction is similar

  5. Cool video talk tech bowling ball roto grip idol cosmos with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time roto grip

  6. He called him “Rev dominant, speed dominant”.. bruh, you can’t be both, that’s just called matched, lol.

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