Roto Grip Hustle X Ray Review! This Bowling Ball Is AMAZING On Light Oil

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Today we are reviewing the all new Roto Grip Hustle X Ray! This bowing ball will be amazing on those lower volume house shots! As always these Hustles are bang for your bucks!

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15 Comments on “Roto Grip Hustle X Ray Review! This Bowling Ball Is AMAZING On Light Oil”

  1. Happy Monday Luis, Love the Hustle Balls, my benchmark ball is the hustle camo. Would like to get to together with you sometime to compare bowling tips. Will be in Las Vegas for Nationals May 14th and 15th. Will be staying at South Point. If possible maybe do a bowling challenge would be fun and a learning experience. My new balls in bag are GB 5 and Hammer Scorpion low flare. shot 640 first 3 games out of box.

  2. How do you think this will work for a up ten dumper? I have a team mate that uses a Hustle Rip and is having great success, essentially up ten, and just adjusts his speed.

  3. Cool video talk tech bowling ball roto grip hustle xray bowling ball with ai technology in the bowling ball more strike and spares hitting power at time Luis napples

  4. Great video. Luis what has a weaker core cover stock combo, Night Road or Hyroad. Thanks. Looking for a ball i can use on the fresh house shot with pop downlane. 🏒

  5. Think this would be a good option under my attention star and xponent ? or too close to the xponent?

  6. Hi Luis.. I throw the Hammer Raw Solid and I know you did a review on that ball a few years ago.. Would you say this ball is comparable to the Raw solid, weaker? stronger?

  7. Hustle XRay goes through the pins… the BRY looks good… I think the “BRY” stands for “Bowling Really Yummy”

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