1. I really like the M-M. I have the USA already and I love it. Might have to add to the arsenal!

  2. Cool tech bowling bowling ball Roto grip hustle rip bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time and roto grip hustle mm bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball too more strike and spare hitting power at time

  3. They both look amazing, I typically get the solid hustle, might have to get both with that pour.

  4. Hey Chris Beans.. the Jersey you mention in the middle of your video, you say that some of the proceeds goes towards the Humane Society..
    Is that the National Branch or is it specific to City/State..??
    Thanks for any clarification..
    Oh, BTW… It’s me, Jason, everyone’s FAVORITE FLORIDIOT..!!
    Later Skater..

    1. Will be a local branch. Likely either downtown Tampa or Spring Hill Area. I want to help actual boots on the ground, not corporate stuff.

  5. Market has plenty of weak balls already. Don’t see why they wasted time with these, yet they willing to get rid of the rst x3. I wanna see the replacement for that ball. Because that was an awesome ball that I drooled over.

  6. M-M might be my cup of tea. I need a good ball down from the Hyped Pearl for transition, I hope it fits the bill well.

  7. Ok… so i dont know how things work… the hustle inc is my best go to ball… it holds the line well, and usually comes into the pocket perfect for me. straight down 8 board in winter, down 10 board in summer.
    The Camo, however is my 7 pin ball… I could throw it through 15, out to 7 and it would hit brooklyn. i throw it down 5 board, and it cleans the 7 pin every time. It’s a great spare ball for those shots.
    The inc is a 13 pound, the Camo is a 14 pound… is the core size really that different it makes that big of a jump?

    I really want to get this RIP, but i’m scared it’ll be just like the camo if i get it at 14. But i wanted to get something like my Inc, just in a higher weight.

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