9 Comments on “Roto Grip Hustle Camo! The Perfect Light Oil Bowling Ball! #Shorts #Bowling”

  1. Been wanting one of these and Burner Pearl forever. Too bad they aren’t being manufactured in 14lb right now

  2. I have to sand mine I can’t get the right reaction from mine. Ctd pad coming in tomorrow. What finish you have mine seems to read early and it’s polish so I am sweating it lol

    1. My camo is 4000 surface. If yours is too early maybe move in a little into the oil. Cause it definitely shouldn’t be early with the polish

  3. Love my hustle camo, its been a great first reactive ball. Stepped up last week to an IQ tour solid based on your hustle camo vs iq tour video and Im learning to adjust to it slowly.

  4. You look like your spinning it lately a bit. On purpose, or? Btw the Camo is an underrated ball, saves energy and hits hard. Don’t get a chance to use mine much as the lowest I go is about an Idol Pearl, but it’s always close by.

  5. Which do you like it better at 4k or 1500 polish. I know lots of people that have it at 2k

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