Roto Grip Hustle Camo Even BETTER With Surface?!? Bowling Ball Of The Year Contender For Me!

The Roto Grip Hustle Camo is a truly special bowling ball! Does changing the out of box finish make the ball even more special?!

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11 Comments on “Roto Grip Hustle Camo Even BETTER With Surface?!? Bowling Ball Of The Year Contender For Me!”

  1. Looking into throwing other brands of bowling balls after using and doing really well with Motiv over the last couple years…I’m currently throwing the Jackal legacy…forge fire…EJ vip…and purple tank…what do you think would be the best bowling balls for me (solid pearl and hybrid)

    1. So don’t think of them as solid pearl and hybrid just look at the shapes on the lane you’re looking for. I recently did a 3 part series going over the cover stock designators and how they don’t mean what we all think they mean you should definitely check it out! If you wanna replace the
      Jackal Legacy look at 900 Global Reality
      Forge Fire look at 900 Global Zen
      Ej Vip look at Storm Hy-Road Pearl

  2. just ordered a camo, i recently switched from three fingered to two fingered bowling due to a hand injury which has made my rev rate go up. I was watching one of your zen videos and was laughing when you said review a brunswick twist because i am part of team twist. It realy is an amazing ball my rev rate is around 500 and the brunswick twist allows me to play down and in with a reactive ball after the second game of a fresh house shot. It is truly an amazing ball its like throwing any 100 dollar pearl ball but everything it does is like 2/3 less but it has great continuation and does not deflect. it is so fun to through its its own thing, it doesnt react like urethane, or plastic, or short pin its like half a tropical surge with continuation with the added benifits of the reactive coverstock such as blending. lol go team twist btw love your channel keep up the good work and happy holidays.

  3. heading now to order one for the arsenal, been a rotogrip guy for years but last Roto ball l bought was the OG Wrecker, this ball reminds me so much of that ball. I bought that wrecker pre release cause l saw the core and cover and stats. what a hell of a ball, unfortunately l had to bury it early in the year. had the front 8 and came back cracked all the way around. Thanks Luis. going to do the same when l get, use it OTB and then take the polish off

  4. Luis, You twice referred to the Camo as the PBR. First time was right after you did not want to address the head pin missing. Then again, right before stating how Luke feels about the ball. Not a big deal for me as I know what you really meant. However, a person new to bowling watching the review may get confused and possibably order the PBR instead of the Camo……just saying.
    Another great review as always. Keep them coming. Happy Holidays!

  5. I’m sorry I am a little confused are you throwing the Camo with 2000 grit all over the lane because I heard references to the PBR. If so what do I do with my current Camo keep it with out of box finish and get another to change it to 2000 ?

  6. Fun! Reminds me a lot of Luke’s 4” @2000 hustle Ink that he drilled to use before the oob hustle ink but ended up bowling the entire block with the 4” Ink. It just takes most of the transition out of play and does its thing for game after game. This one seems to be the same idea, a perfect ball for tournaments where you change pairs every game because it simplifies everything

    Edit: Forgot to remind you to go watch Luke’s Hustle Ink saga

  7. If my memory serves correct, it’s not quite the same cover as the PBR. PBR is VTC-S20 whereas the Camo is just VTC Solid, and I believe I remember hearing Rosdahl say they’re in the same family of covers but they’re not the exact same, and from what I’ve seen Camo’s and PBR’s are a decent bit different on lane.

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