Roto Grip Hustle BRY Bowling Ball Review! BEST Value In Bowling!

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Today we are reviewing the all Roto Grip Hustle BRY! This is a great compliment to other Hustles in the current line!

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12 Comments on “Roto Grip Hustle BRY Bowling Ball Review! BEST Value In Bowling!”

  1. I have noticed with these lower end balls that they are very touchy. A lot of over under and you have to be really good with your speed control

  2. Good video Luis. Will we be seeing these balls in future videos on transitioned and dry lanes?

  3. What i dont understand… AFAIK: The Hustle USA is exactly the same ball only different finish and colors? Why do they do that? Hit it with 3000 and you have an USA (besides the colors).

    1. The Hustles always turn over every couple of years. VTC cover in solid, hyb, & pearl; sanded or polished. Just marketing.

  4. I agree the x ray looks better. Also I saw Jordan in the fans on Sunday at the masters a couple of times

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