Roto Grip GEM™ – Tour Staff

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Check out how the GEM does work from every angle on the lane thanks to our Tour Staff members…

This core was brought back from yesteryear and modified to become the lowest RG asymmetrical core Roto Grip has ever offered…

And as you can see from the different Tour Staff members the GEM gets rolling heavy in the midlane and keeps on truckin!

It's ok, you can thank us later!

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6 Comments on “Roto Grip GEM™ – Tour Staff”

  1. I tried my friends gem for some reason wasnt much for it I felt that the UFO Alert and the hyped were better for a smoother release it comes back but it’s not for two handers on a house shot

  2. I might get one just because of the colors. Thing looks very smooth and controllable but you never know until you try it. My first Asymm reactive pin up flipped on me faster than a sleazy politician. Btw…UC3 BALL GOOD for the house shot where I bowl.

  3. Wondering of bowlers shown on video which were up and which were pin down? I have already pre-ordered the Gem. Trying to decide. Would appreciate comments or suggestions. Also tend to keep my angles in front of me. Speed dominant and low rev. Preferably arcly motion then snap.

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