1. Yes this ball looks really good. Wish Roto Grip would bring it to the US. Would lY it out pin up over the ring.

  2. This isn’t coming here unfortunately. Hyper Response cover has only been overseas so far and there hasn’t been any rumors of that changing. I believe it’s a specific cover formula that has been requested by the main distributor

  3. My question is: I know storm now make roto grip balls BUT are they really diffrent or are they storm balls just with a diffrent name stamped on them? Years ago I threw roto grip and roto star….I bought a tropical storm for my wife and myself…after about 2 months lane conditions changed and we put storms in bag in bedroom and did not use for about 4 months..conditions changed again and I felt we needed the storms.. BOTH BALLS WERE CRACKED all the way around…threw them in trash and have not purchased storm products again…roto grip looks like their TNT might be something I would like,EXCECPT I will not have a storm product, so if todays roto grip is basically a storm with name change then I will keep looking..maybe brunswick

    1. Storm, Roto Grip, and 900 Global are all made in the Utah plant. However, they do all use different cover formulas. This has been said by multiple people within the companies.

      To also add… The only Utah made ball I’ve ever had crack was also a Tropical Storm.

  4. The Hyper response cover is also on the roto grip rst x-2 pro. I own the. roto grip rst x-2 pro. That ball. is amazing. Love the rst x – 2 pro I also the roto grip exotic gem Iove my exotic gem. I might have try and. get the gem pearl

  5. Cool tech bowling bowling ball roto grip gem pearl with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time Chris beans

  6. You’re just like Santa Claus! A smile hits my face every time I see a video is up. Don’t worry all you Storm Family fans you all know something similar will be here soon. The balls wars are on! Thanks Mr. Beans.

  7. Isnโ€™t the exotic gem an asym pearl. I find it hard to believe the us would get a ball thatโ€™s almost identical to another one, core and finish would be the exact same on both

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