1. Cool video talk to tech roto grip gem with nano technology in the bowling ball more hitting power more strike and spares hitting power at time bowlers rant

    1. @red cat!! haven’t seen any heavy oil. Maybe 10 years ago you saw those conditions. Asymmetrical balls start hooking at the arrows.

    2. Heavy volume patterns on challenge or sport conditions for sure. But places like my house shot in Tampa has tons of oil!

    1. @Bowlers Rant if the hook on this thing is crazy, i would probably get it, cause with the house shot that im currently practicing on, the oil is very heavy, my dark code and uc3 wont hook if go above 13mph, my avg speed would be 18mph, i hate that i have to slow down my ball speed

    2. @AlphaOmega I was having a similar issue throwing some older pieces and more recently an axiom solid. I just purchased a Proton Phisix and even moving left I go Brooklyn if I slow it down too much. I had to really slow down the axiom to hit the pocket right. The proton phisix allows me to throw at a more natural speed. My average went from mid 180’s to 203 since switching to the Proton, if this GEM will be similar I think it would help your game a lot. If you do switch to such a strong piece make sure you have a spare ball for 10’s.

    3. Keep your hand up the back and throw it fast. But probably not enough oil on most house shots to use

  2. I’d love to throw this ball, but I’m a slow player, and my house doesn’t use a whole lot of oil. It’s so pretty though

    1. Yes, and looking at the core motion, a worthy consideration. This is saying a lot for me since I looooove the proton physix.

  3. Looks amazing, especially for my style of being a speed dominant stroker. I Just pre ordered one, and possibly saving it as my proton replacement or i may just say screw it and drill it as soon as I can.

  4. Brilliant???? How about Great or Gifted to go along with Extraordinary and Magnificent to make G.E.M. How did they miss that? Have to admit though. Wasnt too impressed because they tout this as the next hook monster yet Shannon didnt look matched up all that well. Ball looked a little on the lazy side for her. This seems like a ball that guys like Simonsen are going to like because they have the ball speed so that the ball doesnt get started too soon and yet the rev rate to make it move on the back.

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