Roto Grip Exotic Gem Next Great Asym Pearl?! First Look & Review!

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We are always looking for that next great asym pearl to add to the arsenal so could the all new Roto Grip Exotic Gem be THAT bowling ball?

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44 Comments on “Roto Grip Exotic Gem Next Great Asym Pearl?! First Look & Review!”

  1. Looks like another great GYM! I have the solid GYM and also an older Brunswick Vintage Inferno pearl that I go too when I need to change out the GYM later in my league play! This pearl Gym looks like a great addition!

  2. Looked really, really good Lou. Nice ball.
    Also I notice you are not opening your hand up to the right at the top of your backswing as much and that is definitely helping your swing alignment and accuracy.
    Nice improvement.

    1. That’s one of the big things I’m working on! Still a work in progress but we’ll get there! Progress is progress!

  3. I like those colors on the Roto Grip Exotic Gem and the way the ball moves cant wait to throw it at the demo if i can go

  4. Hey Lou! You mentioned that you have a hard time getting it right… what I do is mentally focus on bringing my left shoulder more infront of my face in my backswing, get that upper body moving earlier to open up more. Helped me a ton!

    1. It’s a 2.47 RG.. he meant the ball wants to roll before being able to get right. Lower RG balls often have these problems

  5. Yea that would be interesting to find out how you do with it in league. I bowl a second shift on one league, and wood on another. So I will be waiting for your response. LOL

  6. Really love your content man, in my books you’re really emerging as one of the best SPI ball review channels out there. Great format and Intel. That said I think this ball will really match my speed dominant (17-17.5mph) game rev rate around 400. I’m a left that likes to play around 2nd to 3rd arrow and fairly straight.

    1. I REALLY appreciate you saying that! I’m definitely trying to put in the work! If you like straighter angles you’re gonna love this ball!!

  7. I think layout definitely affected your ability to move in with this ball, but I still think it looks pretty good. I’ll be getting mine as soon as it releases, already pre ordered one from my PSO.

  8. Luis. Try to supinate your arm your entire swing and relax it when your thumb comes out at the bottom.
    Practice that forward roll and trust the ball to hook down lane.. don’t grab. You want it off as fast as possible

  9. Ball looks super and great content as always but I need to know what the design name of that jersey is, going to Vegas in January for the military tournament and that would be perfect

  10. I can’t wait to have this ball in my bag. I got the Gem already and I love it so I can imagine how this one will fit right in my arsenal 💪🏾

  11. Hey Lou, can you compare this to your Super Lock? I’m curious how these super strong Pearl covers compare. NEX is the strongest base formula, is the Pearl version able to keep up with things like REX, or the Microtrax Pearl.

    1. @Luis Napoles getting drilled up today Andy’s Pro Shop in sunny ☀️ Anderson, Indiana by famous Mike Riggens

  12. Can I ask the layout on this Exotic Gem ? Should the layout be weaker since this ball is somewhat stronger, say something with a 5″ pin. Love your videos and they way you Critique the bowling balls. I don’t get any new equipment until I see you with it in one of your videos. THANKS!

    1. I appreciate that! So a 5 inch pin is def gonna make the ball get down lane further before it makes it move. With the new Absolute and Revenant I am experimenting with longer pin to paps

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