1. What I’ve heard about the original Gem for most people (I haven’t rolled one) Is that they’re not a strong hook monster at all.
    Likely it is and it’s not usable on the conditions they are using them on.
    This might make the Gem actually usable on a house shot with dry areas?

    1. So hook is in the midlane, and a lot of times people misinterpret “hook” with “roll” (or backend recovery). In many cases a ball that is designed for traction will expend a significant amount of energy in the middle of the lane and simply tumble into the pocket, vs a snap of say an Altered Reality or Nuclear Cell. The og GEM hooked at my feet….and was tumbly. I expect this next one to be way more versatile based on the numbers/specs.

    2. @Bowlers Rant I wonder if you took a OG Gem and sanded it to 4K and polished it if it would look any better

    3. Yeah its just not the ball for alot of people that bowl. Most bowlers aren’t playing on these oil patterns in match play. They are bowling on a team in leagues. Even most sport leagues aren’t for the gem(yes most sport leagues get burnt in a game or so and become loft the lane or knuckle ball straight). Unless you’re a person that chucks the ball really fast and with mid/little hand. If you want the hook monster get the proton physics. Yeah the old pink ball still seems to be the strongest we have and it will still keep energy in typical traction/conditions.

    4. @Stomping Peak are you saying a proton physics would be better than a Gem or a UFO for league play?
      I’ll look into that ball too.

    5. @BARBELLS AND BUDS yeah its really strong though. Still probably not what you want but people use them with success in leagues.

  2. I had success with pin down layout on my gem. I am more happy to get this ball and add to my arsenals. This is a good pair with my phaze 2 and night road.

  3. I have a Gem, and I want an asym pearl ball in my bag as well. I hope this ball isn’t too much of an overlap of the original Gem to make it not worth buying

  4. Cool video talk tech bowling roto grip exotic gem with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time bowlers rant Chris beans

  5. I was looking forward to the Gem Hybrid as well but the Exotic Gem looks nice. Hope it’s smooth off the hand like the Super Nova and Zen Soul.

  6. I like crazy looking bowling balls so this is probably the next one I may get. Curious how it looks with my crazy hand release lol. Thanks for the review Chris! – Kevin H

  7. BEANS!!! Simply stellar!!!
    And I REALLY like how you explained hook and roll to Barbell…
    Once again you are providing more content in less time and giving analysis of what you see. It’s a rare gift! Thanks brother!

  8. I think this is going to be another good entry to the Roto line. Storm used the “Amethyst” color on the Eon and the Eon Infinite a few years ago, and if this is the same color again one thing is for certain; this ball is going to look FANTASTIC.

  9. Chris, really enjoy your reports on new bowling balls coming out on market. Can you tell me the site where I can find the info about these balls that you discuss on your videos? Thank you.

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