14 Comments on “Roto Grip Duo vs Idol Cosmos & 900 Global Zen | 4 styles”

  1. Hi Tamer – I am also a slow speed rev dominant 2 hander, similar to your 2 handed style – and I’m finding it difficult to control reactive balls. My best look is probably with my Blue Tank. Do you have any reactive recommendations that have worked well for you in this style?

    1. Look into low diff symmetric balls, i think the iq line is good for anyone but especially two handers. Im a very balanced two hander and mine plays really straight, even at a house with a lot of natural read and backend. Hustle line will be good too, but get one with a lower end cover for less board coverage. Im not too familiar with non spi equipment, but i also had a venom shock that played straighter than my iq at the same house, could have been the drill as well but it wasnt THAT weak of a drill

  2. Hi Tamer, I recently got an !Q Ruby and noticed that a number of videos featured how you treated the reacta gloss on these new balls. Do you think a 4K-fast would be an acceptable alternative for a decent surface finish?

    1. I can’t say for sure. Some feedback I got was that no, the 4k fast didn’t create enough underlying grit. I’ve heard a ton of positive feedback on the way I recommend the resurface though. I can tell you that since we started resurfacing, the tests have become much better. Also, Bryan did not like 4k fast. However I did for some balls.

  3. Looking to get my first ball and I love how this ball looks. I know I’m supposed to start lower end but goddamn that’s a gorgeous ball

    1. Yes this is accurate. It was nice that rather than get lazy it responded well and seemed to prefer it actually.

    1. I can tell you this really isn’t an idol pearl replacement. I would’ve say rubicon uc2 is closer but that’s gone too. There are several balls that are closer including iq tour Ruby, fate, phaze v. Ruby for me personally seems to be the one that best fills that slot. Phaze v is probably a touch closer to the idol pearl.

  4. Hey Tamer. I changed the surface many times on my Zen and I’m thinking it’s gonna be a paper weight. Do you think the Duo or Fate might be a good replacement?

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