Roto Grip Duo Is The BEST Symmetrical Pearl Since The Zen!

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Roto Grip just dropped a BANGER of a bowling ball since the 900 Global Zen! The Roto Grip Duo is seriously THAT ball!

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37 Comments on “Roto Grip Duo Is The BEST Symmetrical Pearl Since The Zen!”

  1. It looks like it could be a great league ball maybe between the eternity and the fate maybe

  2. This looked like a really great ball. I would like to see a follow up vid once you take the gloss off and put your preferred surface on it.

  3. The duo in all honesty doesn’t look that great in many reviews I’ve seen..i know it’s the newest ball that has to be hyped up for sales but in no way this ball is going to be preferred over the Zen or exotic gem in any situation…hardly anyone will use this ball in tournaments or league after the hype fades

  4. As a lover of both the Zen and Exotic, I am excited for this. Do you think it will fit in the arsenal with both of them though or are they too similar?

    1. It’s too close to the Zen for me, slightly stronger cover and slightly weaker core in comparison. I wish they would have used the eTrax Plus cover from the X2 instead.

      You could leave one shiny and put surface on the other. (My suggestion would be surface on the Duo) For me, I have a Zen and Zen Master pairing already.

  5. I really want to add this ball to my bag. I have a infinite physix and a storm fate (but this ball has been very hard for me to control hooks way to much for me ) and also have a motiv fatal venom. Will this ball be good to add?

  6. I watched Darren Tang compare this to the Zen, and the only difference I saw was the colors, the ball roll to me looked identical so it’d be interesting to see if you have the same experience

  7. Nice video, just curious, how long have you been a member of the Storm staff? I stumbled upon some old videos of yours and you were a Motiv staffer.

  8. I’ve just been hitting my shiny stuff with 2000 and 1000. 2k turned the Exotic from okay to great since I throw with lower revs.

  9. Seemed like a good ball to me! You didn’t seem as normally enthusiastic about it…πŸ˜‚

  10. Hey Luis,
    i’d like to see it compaerd to the Night Road πŸ™‚
    Love ur Videos!
    Greets from Bavaria!

  11. Hi I would like you to help me a little bit…πŸ˜…
    I’m looking to buy my first ball, have 2 options:


    Which of these options can be the best fit for me as a beginner and first ball.

    Great video!!!

  12. Hey Luis, you should go back and watch the shots paying special attention to the position of your left arm. Your carry percentage is better when you get that arm out there.

  13. I think the Fate is better than the Zen in my opinion , not gonna lie though might just get this duo for the colors…lol

  14. My friend just got this ball and he says it’s pretty good so far. How does this compared to the regular gem?

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