Roto Grip | Down to the Details With Clone

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Roto Schlem, Roto Grip Brand manager, fills us in on all the details of the all new Roto Grip Clone! Take a seat and lets break down the path that lead us here.

Find out more about the Clone here:

Coverstock: OptiTrax™ Solid Reactive
Core: Cloned E.T.™ Core
Finish: Reacta Gloss™
Color: Alien / Deep Mist / Cyber Grape - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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3 Comments on “Roto Grip | Down to the Details With Clone”

  1. I’m going to give this ball a chance. Roto Grip has let me down recently. I bought an Exotic Gem and it was pretty inconsistent as well as the Idol Cosmos. If this one’s a dud for me think I’m done with Roto Grip.

    1. The important thing to remember with something like your Exotic Gem is that it’s not an all-around/benchmark kind of piece. I have both a Gem and an Exotic Gem, and I absolutely love both of them… when I run into the right conditions for them. Both balls worked extremely well in my summer PBA Experience league when I had enough volume of oil up front to require something with a strong cover and a very strong, early rolling core. They let me create enough entry angle to have good carry and some mistake room, AND had some teeth to bite through the carrydown after a couple games without getting over/under. However, I also have had trouble with them both using up their energy too early when there’s a little more friction, which results in shots that miss wide never making it back to the pocket, and lots of 10 pins and 4 pins when I do hit the pocket. I have to know when it’s time to put those balls back into the bag and go to something cleaner through the fronts. (Also, I found the box finish on the Exotic Gem to be too shiny for a consistent reaction, I like it polished but less aggressively, even just knocking a bit of the shine off with a 2000 pad by hand helps)

  2. I have this ball and it’s really good. it’s longer and weaker than I was expecting but it’s a good step down from my exotic and summit.

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