Roto Grip Clone With Surface Is NASTY!

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Changing the surface of the Roto Grip Clone was a game changer! Went from a bowling ball that was clean and pretty angular to STRONG and smooth!

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11 Comments on “Roto Grip Clone With Surface Is NASTY!”

  1. Super helpful video. Helped me figure out possible solutions to some issues I’m having with my equipment! Keep up the great work and good luck this year!

  2. I usually scratch up the surface, even before I throw the ball out of box. Thanks Luke! I prefer using CTD Trucut pads and scanner so i know what surface I have on the ball.

  3. Always always always throw with the out of box finish until I know how the ball is going to roll in the conditions I’m most likely to encounter and adjust as needed.

  4. Wow, what a difference a surface makes! Your ball reviews are better now, hope to see you in the comments again. Your medium spin, medium speed roll is everything us league players could hope to accomplish.

  5. I NOW change the surface immediately if I can to whatever grit it supposed to come at. If polish, I use CTD polish. However, I got my clone Saturday. I tried it with polish, I didn’t like it. Then tried it with 3000… 245 game! So then I put polish back on it, it was okay. I’m going to try 4000 next. My Summit is straighter, the Clone shapes better.

  6. I will definitely give it a week or two with polish to get a true reaction for my specific house conditions. However, I still haven’t found a ball where the polish stays on yet.

  7. Interesting video. I usually always throw out of box because not really sure of what I want the ball to do versus orb. But enjoy the videos. Have not seen many responses from you on questions that bowlers ask

  8. If a new ball is polished I leave it alone out box till I see how I like its reaction and then may take down the surface. If its matte oob I usually hit it w whatever # grit it says it is to make sure I can repeat it. If I keep a ball say at 2000 I’m refreshing it w a TruCut pad every 3-9 games. My Alert got little use at oob polish but its a fantastic fresh ball for me at 1000 grit. I usually bring a mixture of polish and matte balls w me.

  9. I liked the reaction you were getting with the surface you put on it. I change the surface on the balls I have , but several time I do not notice a big change in the reaction, unless it a huge change as you did here. Going from a 3000 surface to a 1000 , I have very little reaction change. Keep up the great work.

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