Roto Grip Clone 2 Handed Ball Review! This Bowling Ball Is NUTS!

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The Roto Grip Clone has been Monet for me one handed so naturally it only makes sense to throw it two handed!

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12 Comments on “Roto Grip Clone 2 Handed Ball Review! This Bowling Ball Is NUTS!”

  1. I get it. 2 handed bowling is popular. It’s all the rage these days, particularly with much of the younger players. But it ain’t your thing. You are a great 1 handed bowler and I love watching every one of your videos. Hell, you’re even a decent 2 handed bowler, but it’s NOT you. Even though I can’t relate AS much with your style bc I don’t bowl 1 handed, your reviews still are infinitely valuable and offer great insight! You just can’t try to please everyone and be something you’re not. Just do you. That’s good enough.

    1. It’s only a review I don’t think he’s trying to change his style he’s basically experimenting how his bowling style would look 2 handed which is okay

  2. I’d say go with what your heart desires. As a one handed, it’s a bit sad to potentially lose another one handed brother but I’d understand why if it really benefits your game to switch to two handed. I’m not an anti-two hander, I think it very much has a place in the sport of bowling, and if you REALLY want to do two handed, then full send and Godspeed Luis!

  3. Wow, nice game Luis! Fun video, and to your purpose of the video, this does help bowlers visualize this ball’s motion with the higher rev rates of two handed bowling…👍👊✌🖖
    ps: while Luis is a tyro at two handed bowling, he is not attempting to coach two handed style, he does get the ball down the lane pretty well, and his style does lend itself to a lot of two handed bowlers. I can’t bowl like pros bowlers bowl. I seldom bowl around people who can bowl with a pro-style. I don’t have pros’ technique nor physical ability they exhibit when throwing the ball (even in PBA/PWBA there are so many variations in styles); so, Luis, someone who doesn’t have awesome technique but can get the ball down the lane well enough, I find this intriguing, informative and entertaining. I gave two-handed bowling a try for one year, in one of my leagues; but it wasn’t good for me, and I have stopped. But for someone like @FranktheTank, who does throw two handed, and does throw it better than Luis, this video would be of value. Luis, keep on keeping’ on. (so after all that butt kissing, can a get a free ball?🤪😛 🤯🤠😎just kidding) Have a great day guys and gals.
    pps: And if I’m not mistaken, this ball has a balance hole (thumb hole) and isn’t necessarily drilled for a two handed style.

  4. I know it may feel good to throw 2 handed, but it really looks like you took your one handed form and just kinda added the other hand. I did the same for a bit until my back told me I needed to stay a one hander. Go with what works better, but be aware 2 handing has consequences.

  5. Luis do what you want I think it’s cool that you can bowl both one hand and two handed, I personally bowl 2 handed because I broke my thumb trying lol. But I love your reviews and I appreciate you showing how the balls hook different when you use two hands

  6. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball roto grip clone bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time Luis

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