Road To Regional Title | Vlog #1 | 2021 Billy Hardwick Oil Pattern

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Join me on my journey to WIN a regional title! This has been a dream of mine! I will prepare and my time WILL come!

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900 Global Reality:
900 Global Zen Master:
Storm Phaze 2:
Roto Grip RST X-2:
900 Global Zen:

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21 Comments on “Road To Regional Title | Vlog #1 | 2021 Billy Hardwick Oil Pattern”

    1. @Luis Napoles If I’m being honest with you, your swing has always looked a little bit muscled, maybe that is something to work on

  1. It would be nice to see some Motiv balls getting the same attention as team Utah. I understand free agency ,but some variety please.

    1. This channel was 10000000% Motiv for years lol give me an opportunity to throw other things. I do have some brands of Brunswick stuff coming in. Cause it doesn’t seem like you want variety just seems like you want Motiv 😂

    2. No, not just Motiv. Other brands would be great too. It would be nice to see other brands equally shown on tournament patterns. I have Storm and Roto-Grip in my arsenal as well. But I went to Motiv because they were and are a better ball for my game. No hate here.

    3. Since leaving Motiv I drilled a lot of balls from the SPI brand because that all I threw before I was with Motiv. Since I’m a free agent I have to pay full price for everything. So it’s hard to justify paying for balls that I don’t see as fitting my games. With that being said I will be throwing other brands for sure! I just spend 4 years throwing nothing but Motiv so it’ll probably be a while before I get another Motiv ball. Even through that Pride looks really good 😂

  2. I like the vlog idea. Keep it up! And with this shot it actually looks like some friction outside so id be tempted to move left and play like 17-12 since you seem to like bigger cornering balls

  3. One tip of advice that helped me on flatter patterns is getting the ball to roll forward instead of sideways at least until the lanes develop. It’s a more predictable motion and can get away with some misses. Love seeing the Utah products they look good! #StormNation

  4. Very interesting , Yes please do more. I would also be interested in your game plan for the USBC Open next spring.

  5. As a free agent… do you have an opinion on motiv, as far as not throwing any balls on this sport shot? Or do you just like what you’ve been throwing w the other brands?

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