Ripcord Velocity Ball Review By Staffer Luis Napoles | BEST Pearl Ive EVER Thrown!!!

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The Motiv Bowling Ripcord Velocity is the newest symmetrical pearl bowling ball! Its not overselling when I say this is the BEST pearl Ive ever thrown!!
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18 Comments on “Ripcord Velocity Ball Review By Staffer Luis Napoles | BEST Pearl Ive EVER Thrown!!!”

  1. As I have said since the Velocity was even talked about. I wasnt sure if it was needed in my bag. However, seeing the many videos of this ball, makes me want it more and more! I may just have to get it! Great video as always brother!

  2. Nice vid as usual Luis. Would really LOVE to this compared to the Flash as they seem to be the true skid flip balls in the current Motiv line.

  3. I LOVE my Ripcord Flight and was on the fence about getting this one…I think you may have talked me into it. 😉

  4. The oob finish looked best to me. I loved the back-end snap. I feel like there isn’t that many balls from MOTIV atm that do that. Hitting w/surface makes it (in my opinion) react more like other balls in the line.
    Thanks for the vid Lou!

  5. HEY! Another great video I’m here in town love to practice with you wherever you want. I messaged you on Facebook Messenger not being a friend yet you are not seeing it.

  6. Great review! Can you compare it to the affliction? Especially with some surface on it.

  7. Love my Flight and the Assassin as well. I like the medium strength balls on house shots, hope they fill up that line soon.

  8. I was thinking of skipping this release, but now I’m not sure. I avoided pearls for a while because of my style, but eventually picked up a fatal, nemesis and a Pearl from another brand.
    Actually those are the balls I would like to see the comparisons too; the fatal and nemesis. Just to see how the pearls compare.

  9. You love what you see at almost every Motiv ball that you review. Lol. But this ball you really really love this ball. Lol.
    I’m a new bowler and My head is exploding from these reviews but I do learn something from each video. Thank you.

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