Ripcord Launch with EJ Tackett | MOTIV Bowling

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EJ Tackett and Nick Pahr take the new Ripcord Launch out on the lanes to see how it compares to the Ripcord Velocity and the Pride Empire! The Ripcord Launch is available worldwide 11/23/2022 #MOTIVNATION #motivbowling

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26 Comments on “Ripcord Launch with EJ Tackett | MOTIV Bowling”

    1. @bowlmotiv had a talk with a friend once, we both agreed ej is an alien from another planet, one day he will achieve 600 rpm and you have to create a custom ball for him

  1. Very much enjoyed this review. You two together was just what the doctor ordered. My only beef……….EJ isn’t a lefty! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I know it was only a handful of shots, but I liked how the Velocity went through the pins the best out of all of these. You can really see how much more aggressive the covers are on the other balls – the 4 really wanted to stand up on both of Nick’s shots.

    1. The Velocity was sent out to more friction due to the cover not being quite as strong or fast. The Launch was kept in the oil. But the Velocity is an incredible ball, no doubt!

  3. I need to see what these bowling balls do with normal humans throwing them…….there r 0 people on earth who throw it like ej

  4. Hardly any of us can relate to E J Tackett and his skill in bowling. Can’t we have a variety of bowlers throwing these balls? How about a slow, low rev bowler, a tweener, and, of course, a cranker. Watching a guy with over 500 revs and around 20 MPH tells me nothing about how this ball would help my game.

  5. Hey. Any Motiv guys interested in a New in Box 15 pound Motiv Raptor Altitude? I am looking for trades. It was a special edition release. โค

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