Ripcord Launch | Team MOTIV Shot Compilation

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Team MOTIV shows off the new Ripcord Launch on the lanes! See the many different styles of #TeamMOTIV throwing the Ripcord Launch. The Ripcord Launch is available worldwide now. #motivnation

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16 Comments on “Ripcord Launch | Team MOTIV Shot Compilation”

  1. I have this ball first game with it 299 out of the box and I’m 15 this ball is my fav motiv ball yet then venom shock

  2. What’s a good house shot motiv ball? Dumb question but I had to ask. I want to get out of anything storm related, all of their company’s. A guy I bowl with is motiv exclusive and schooled me about you guys! I liked everything he said.

    1. The Blue Coral Venom or Venom Shock are my favorite house shot balls! You could also go for a step up and look at the Pride and Pride Empire!

    2. @bowlmotiv even the blue coral goes to early for me on fresh house. I’m getting the shock drilled tomorrow for league so we goin try that one out too

    3. That depends on a lot of things – how fast you throw it, how many revs you put on it, how oily/dry your house is, etc. But, in general, a good house ball is one that blends wet/dry really well. You want something with a medium/strong enough cover to read the oil in the fronts, a core with a low(ish) RG to get it started reading in the fronts, and a nice middle-of-the-road differential (.030-.040 or so) that isn’t going to scream left when it hits the friction.

      Venom Shock is always going to be everyone’s first recommendation. Pride is a bit stronger core and cover if you need more ball. Ember would be even stronger still. If you have a lot of revs and need help controlling overreaction, take a look at the Carbide or Blue Tank – hard to beat those for control.

    4. Venom shock is one of the greatest balls ever released of any brand, and in my honest opinion best ball Motiv ever made. Very versatile and reliable ball and a sneaky hook monster… Very deceiving ball in the best way possible

    5. @Found Gibs house shot milage will very from house to house tho, where i bowl its like trying to hook a ball thru mud, but another place I bowl at the ball gets dropkicked left to the point i play 5 to 10 boards farther left on one over the other.

    1. this video isn’t a ball motion video, this is a compilation video that shows a wide variety of staffers throwing the ball. Some bowlers want to see how the ball reacts for different styles of bowlers. Check out the main ball motion video for a more in-depth look and explanation of the ball’s performance.

    2. @bowlmotiv Very well said. And I agree. I love looking at the different styles of bowlers (as well as the diversity of bowlers: age, gender, handedness, ethnicity, etc.) Awesome team you have here! Now if only we could get Mr. Mark Pearl in one of these videos! 😉

    3. @Paul Thomas we would love to get Mark in the videos! Mark has been a staffer since the beginning and a long time friend!

    4. @bowlmotiv I will make it my New Year’s Resolution to get Mark in one of the next #TeamMotiv New Ball videos! 👍

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