Ripcord Flight | Two Month Re-Review

Whats going on my youtube fam?!? Today I am re reviewing the ripcord flight! We all know that a bowling ball rolls its absolute best when you first get it drilled. That new ball carry is always amazing. But unfortunately we also know that that doesn't always seem to last with bowling balls. So because of that from now on I will review every ball two times, one when I first get it then a second time two months later to share with you all if I am still in love with it or not. I will also be letting you all know what has replaced it in my bag if its not in there anymore. My goal is to share as much knowledge about the brand as possible to help you make the best decision when choosing a new ball for yourself. As always GetMOTIVated

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  1. Really like ball reviews after a period of time, be it 2, 4 or 6 months. As you said you liked it OTB but as you used it you found it more lane condition specific. Balls go the other way also. OTB not so good the first 30 or so games then it comes alive.

    1. David Chamberlain yea I couldn’t agree more with that ! I’m still going to review a ball as soon as it comes out that was I can compare it to how I like it at a later time ! Take the forge Fire for example. I didn’t love it out the box now I absolutely love it and have 2 drilled lol

    1. Bobby Bushea I usually don’t get rid of them, but when I do I donate them to the youth bowlers in the area !

    2. @MotivLou that’s pretty dope that you do that. Them kids coming up. You never thought do a give away prize like them stickers u did last year on the gram

    3. Bobby Bushea I’m actually thinking of giving away a bowling ball lol I’m trying to get to 1000 subs. I just gotta figure out the logistics of it

    4. @MotivLou 1000 subs giveaway .thats be cool..just a thought. you could watch your old videos find a comon phrase you say and use it as an easter egg and make it part of trivia give away

  2. Have you thought about polishing it up to a 4000 or 5000 grit polish to get it down the lane further before it makes its move? It does stand up really early on that 3000 grit.

    1. Paul Thomas I have messed with the surface but then it become to similar to other balls that I already have a ton of confidence in if that makes sense

    2. @MotivLou makes total sense. Just thought that I would ask. I’ve seen what looks like a pearl-ized flight and it rolls like a Supra in my opinion.

  3. First off, love honest reviews of a ball even if it’s not for you. Makes it easier to trust over other staff reviewers that promote that all the balls are amazing go buy one. You mentioned a difference in your rolling motion, was this the difference in the ball motion or the actual 2 months of games?

    I would also love to see/hear something to the nature of “this ball is an overlap of this other ball, if you already have X ball, this ball may not be good for your bag unless you just want to replace it”

    1. In the current line I don’t see a lot of overlap with this ball. It def reminds me of the Forza SS and a little of the Rogue Assassin. I think the biggest difference in the ball between then and now is my ball roll. My ball roll has changed so much in the last few weeks that I have to go back and throw all my old stuff that I didn’t love before

  4. Love the reviews and interviews! I DEFINITELY would like to see more 2 month re-reviews. Something I’d like to see you add is if you were to drill another of the same ball, would you drill it differently after seeing what it’s like after 2 months. Also, any specific surface adjustments to help the ball fit your style or to help find the shape your looking for?

    1. I like all those ideas a lot !!! I’ll def def keep them in mind ! For me if I absolutely needed to keep the ball in my bag I think I’d do something like 2000 polish then a super light 4K over the top.

  5. I like this ….. gives that window of how a ball is going change with use, and your vision of what the ball is going to do for your game.

    1. Charles Mitchell Yea I love doing these videos cause it shows how versatile a ball really is and longevity it has. But so far my 2 2 month review videos haven’t been very popular at all

    2. @MotivLou

      I understand that with this style content even more consuming of time & resources. So if the likes aren’t there it doesn’t justify your efforts. But just know if you make it I do believe people are watching. However thank you.
      From a new bowler to motiv equipment in Michigan.

    3. Charles Mitchell I’m going to continue to make these two months reviews forsure ! Just wish more people enjoy them as I enjoy making them !

  6. a smoother motion can be a good thing to play on alot of friction to not over hook and get huge split. so less pop do not =bad motion. pba players love that type of motion they hate hook

  7. That is a nice looking ball though. Your review is pretty much what my PSO said of this ball though. It’s a good ball, but doesn’t really fill a hole in his current bag. Now, most of us don’t have every ball like you staffers, so we have more gaps in our arsenal.

    1. I haven’t been tossing this ball much at all recently BUT I do wanna do a Flight Shock comparison. I think now that I’m not spinning it as much it may be a better option!! We shall see!

  8. love the way how you calculate the speed and rev rate through the pocket …. i really wish to have that kind of ball … even a used one …. God Bless

  9. i drilled up a ripcord flight and i won the first 4 tournaments i bowled in i won 4115 dollars in a month i love this ball i have no hand and roll about 14.25 mph up the right side of the lane this ball gets to the pocket really good!

  10. Because of this video, I bought the Venom Shock to compliment my Ripcord Flight (which I won in a raffle.) Contrary to what you are reporting, I find that the Venom Shock is 2-3 boards stronger.

    1. For me the Flight is earlier and handles the oil soooo good. The shock shapes a bunch down lane more than the flight

  11. I have one but i cant seem to figure it out. Right now its at a 5000 grit. It seems like it doesn’t want to finish through the pins. Or at least with out of box. Not surd what the 5000 us going to do yet.

    The layout im currently using us 70° X 3 3/4″ X 20° with my pap at 5 3/8 -> and 1″ up

    1. With that layout it could be a situation where it’s rolling out because of that very strong drilling. Personally I don’t recommend tooooo often to drill balls that strong but maybe 1 a year if you’re bowling on enough volume. The 5000 or even polish should help push it down the lane and create some angle for you!

    2. I have that layout on every single ball i have. Figure too many surfaces plus too many drillings equals too many choices, so i chose a layout i thought id like and stuck wiith it.

    3. @Dustin Falconer I stick with 2-3 layouts max for that same reason. Unless I’m drilling something specifically for a tournament or something

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