Revisiting Two Bowling Balls That I HATED | Storm Dark Code & 900 Global Zen Master | Changed Mind?

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The Storm Dark Code and the 900 Global Zen Master are two bowling balls that I have been open about how much I did not like them! So naturally I decided to take a look at both of them to see if my disdane for them still holds true!

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29 Comments on “Revisiting Two Bowling Balls That I HATED | Storm Dark Code & 900 Global Zen Master | Changed Mind?”

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  1. I really like this kind of videos if you keep making some more Everybody will enjoy these kind of videos

  2. I love both of mines… I didn’t like the Dark Code at first…but after a while, I match up with it!

    1. @Luis Napoles my ball speed is so slow (14.05-14.45) that I’m better with the Zen Master. However, I just got a Hustle Camo… you weren’t lying when you said that ball is good! For us slow speeders, we need balls that go longer. I tried a Reality… umm I’m not matching up with it at all 😂😂😂

  3. The dark code is in my Arsenal rolled a 250 with it last week, really strong on the back end. Good ball overall in my opinion.

  4. I love my Zen Master. I just can’t play very straight with it. I have to be more left. Also hit it with a 2000 pad every 10-15 games. The only thing is it seems to break down the lanes really quick for me and I only get 8-12 frames out of it in league.

  5. Definitely need to make the Zen Master vs Phase II vs Helios! I’ve been considering the Zen Master and the Phase II for a fresh oil ball for league. I can use my Black Widow Ghost sanded to 3000 to start but I very small miss window, until the carry down/transition happens. Then game 2-3+ looks really good.

    1. Zen Master is so good on the fresh at my house. I like to start with it and then transition to the Dark Code!

  6. Thanks for the video. Currently throwing an RST X1 and looking for a compliment to that piece. Torn between the Dark Code and the UC2. I throw with a medium to high speed with about 320 revs. Thoughts?

  7. I’ve had a Phaze 2 for a couple months and didn’t care for it. I couldn’t understand the hype. Last Thursday at league I said “screw it” and decided I was going to figure out the ball, regardless of series. I went in with an open mind and shot 724 with two splits. The ball rolled and reacted beautifully. The point is – have an open mind and roll a ball with confidence and you may find a ball you once dismissed as a key to your arsenal.

  8. I had the same thoughts and issues with my Trend 2 not fitting my style, even after adjusting the surface. So I took advantage of the voluntary ball exchange. Due to your well-done videos breaking down the different types of bowling balls, I have chosen the Nova when you did the Nova Vs Gem breakdown.

  9. The dark code is a compliment to the altered reality. It’s a bit cleaner so it comes off of it more downlane. That being said, it won’t be better, just an addition to the arsenal.

  10. Was the Dark Code drilled pin up or pin down? And what is your typical speed? Great work!! Keep the videos coming!!

  11. Won a dark code in a ball raffle earlier this season. Immediately sold it to a friend that needed it more than me. Unfortunately it didn’t match up well for him on the left side. Knocked the shine off and it was better but still too squirty down lane

  12. The dark code is a lot better for higher rev players from my experience. Think two handers or two finger bowlers

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