Reviewing The 900 Global Zen Soul 14 & 15 lbs With Special Guest Krysta!

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20 Comments on “Reviewing The 900 Global Zen Soul 14 & 15 lbs With Special Guest Krysta!”

  1. Her ball rolls out while yours is more continuous. As you move farther left, hers won’t make the corner.

  2. Great video Luis. Krysta’s game does add a valuable contrast to how like balls roll and react – her Zen ☯to your Zen☯.👍👊✌🖖

    p.s. I wish I could lay the ball down as well as Krysta does.

  3. Great video Luis! Vegas crew knows all about Krysta DeLeon (Nadeau) and her family. I remember rolling the Pot of Gold Tournament at Wildfire that she won in March. Get her in more videos if you can, and maybe get her bro to come down too! Keep up the great work Luis!

  4. It is very helpfull to see the ball reaction with a different bowling style on the same pattern. I would like to see more vids with Krysta 👍🏻

  5. Great job on this video Luis and Krysta. You have my regards to keep Krysta around for plenty of future videos. 😀

  6. PLEASE keep SPECIAL GUEST KRYSTAL. We women also watch all the ball reviewers, and we don’t have enough relatable women to watch!! Much appreciation, she balances your channel out!

  7. Absolutely an awesome video. Thanks for representing us 14 pounders!

    What drew me to buying the Soul was the minimal RG difference between 14 & 15 pounds (and watching your & Luke Rosdhal’s reviews). In my findings, that difference is somewhere around .04 higher in the 14. I had mine drilled with a 5x4x3 to give me a bit more length and a controlled backend. I took it out yesterday for some practice and was very impressed. Very strong for a hybrid, but so easy to throw. It really shines when I can get my hand around it a bit. Very continuous. It’ll fit perfectly in that #2 slot in my bag with my Physix is just too much. And with summer temperatures coming up, I foresee the Soul being first out of my bag most nights.

    Thanks for these reviews! You’re making my wallet lighter, but my bowling experience so much fun!

  8. Definitely have Krysta on more of your ball reviews. It is good to see ball reaction from different styles and rev rate—also provides the women bowlers someone to relate to as well as provides some eye candy for the male bowlers (probably get cancelled for saying that lol).

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