Replying to comments on the EVO Hybrid Video

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5 Comments on “Replying to comments on the EVO Hybrid Video”

  1. If you have never had a ball that just didn’t match up for you, you’ve not drilled many balls. It happens.

  2. You know you know JR, for being the “unfriendliest guy on tour” you certainly spend a lot of time spreading useful information and educating people on the technical aspects of the sport, for free, without expecting anything in return. It must be very difficult for you to find time to do this with all the hours you spend punching kittens, poisoning guppies, mean-mugging people and just generally being a menace. Or so I’ve heard.

    In all seriousness, I liked your pride empire video and I’m glad you did the comparison. It’s both a subtle difference to see between the two layout types but it can make a drastic difference in carry. I like to edge toward the smaller drill angles myself even when the layout is “too strong” because I find I can more easily adjust to a ball that makes a slower “rollier” transition than one that hooks and stops. I have to be much more precise with a hook stop ball than I do with one they takes longer to get through the hook phase.

  3. i agree, not every ball is going to match up. i think its kris prather on tour that likes the dark code, I love storm products but they do not match up for me Iv tried 20 balls and only 3 have worked I cant keep them off the nose like to grabby would be a good word. Also I tried the power torq pearl and solid and both for me just deflected unless i really slowed it down. Great video thanks

  4. I was one of the “not a fan of this drilling” people… and in this case i guess it just does not match up to JR’s release or his lane conditions.. I do know i watched people throw it this weekend at a large Tourny on house… some looked amazing.. some like it did for JR. along with a lot of other balls. At the end of the day… JR has drilled way way more balls than i ever will, so i would never disrespect his opinion in any fashion. May not totally agree on his stance on the drilling, but again.. way more experience than ill ever have.

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