REDEMPTION For The Storm Dark Code With 4K Fast!

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The Storm Dark Code is a bowling ball that I didn't match up with at all the first time I tried it and the second time for that matter! But the new out of box finish of 4K Fast really made me love and appreciate just how good this bowling ball is! I hope y'all grow to understand it as well!

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31 Comments on “REDEMPTION For The Storm Dark Code With 4K Fast!”

  1. Biggest fan of yours man hope to meet you in nationals goin up in june for Father’s Day weekend cant wait keep up the great reviews

    1. @Luis Napoles no problem i love the review i have a dark code myself nd love the ball shot a 755 my kast night in friday league definitely a ball to have

  2. Like what I’m seeing so how did you create the 4K Fast finish. I would be interested in trying it out with that finish

  3. I love my Dark Code! Didn’t like it at first, after a few games, love it! Still use polish on it. Might switch to 5000pd CTD pad.

  4. I can’t stand my Dark Code but i’m going to put the 4K fast finish on it and see if i can get it into a roll. Right now, my Dark Code doesn’t want to turn, hook, etc and this is with the polish on it

  5. I love my dark code Especially with some surface on it you’re really hooks It’s my go to ball when bowl

  6. My son loves the 4K Fast on his RST-X2, so much so that when he did maintenance on his UC2, he asked the pro shop for the same treatment. I am getting the feeling he will do that for all of his asymmetrical shiny balls. (2 handed righty).

  7. Since you liked the 4K Fast on the Dark Code (it looked good in the video), when are you going to try the X-2 with 4K Fast? Curious to see how you will like that surface on the X-2. I’m waiting to receive my Dark Code and X-2 from the exchange. Keep up the good work Luis. 👍🏻

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