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    1. The inside of the lane is oily and the outside is drier. Since they’re throwing urethane which hooks less compared to other ball types, it needs to be thrown through the drier parts of the lane for it to shape.

    2. throwing straight down the middle gives a huge chance of leaving a split. aiming slightly off-center but still straight will lessen that chance but still barely strike. coming in at a certain angle and hitting the front pin (called the pocket) will give the highest chance of strikes, and lowest chance of splits.

    3. Also, the ball entering the pocket at an angle rather than straight decreases your chances of the ball deflecting off the pins and leaving 5 or 10 pins. Pin continuation as it is called is very important in increasing your strike percentage when hitting the pocket.

  1. Storm did a Pitch Purple urethane ball which was alot more of a backend reaction compared to the Pitch Black, so I maybe wrong i think the IQ 78 is trying to match the performance of the Pitch Purple.

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