Recreating Factory Finish – #MoMonday

It's #MoMonday!

Today, Phil discusses a hot topic on recreating the factory finish on your Radical bowling ball and how to duplicate our finishing process.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below!

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19 Comments on “Recreating Factory Finish – #MoMonday”

  1. Phil, thank you for keeping the MoMonday feature going. BTW, I have a Bonus Pearl and Counter Attack pearl in my bag and I love those balls.

  2. Your explanation is very useful. A question…for those of us who seldom see over 15 mph @ 50 feet, balls that want to make the turn…dont want to go down the lane. Balls that get down the lane, dont want to turn…especially if one is a bit rev dominant. Any suggestions?

    1. Usually balls that “get down the lane” have a lot of energy left to make a turn. Unless you play on 50+ feet long patterns you should be able to see some motion.

  3. Please do a session on launch angles from zero launch angle(straight line) to 3,4 and 5 boards of launch angle

  4. So glad you’re keeping these going. They’re very helpful and the sharing of this knowledge seems to be in the spirit of what Mo was after.

  5. Phil thank you for keeping mo Mondays going. I loved watching mo talk. Sometimes I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about but it gave me something to think about

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