Really Sad This Bowling Ball Is Limited Edition | Storm Sun Storm Ball Review!

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The all new Storm Sun Storm is a limited edition release that pairs a trusty core and cover combo! If you didn't get your hands on one of these extremely limited bowling balls I am truly sorry!

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51 Comments on “Really Sad This Bowling Ball Is Limited Edition | Storm Sun Storm Ball Review!”

  1. Enjoyed it. Storm rep at my house was sorta impressed with it also first night last week in league. It tour would be a good comparison ball. As always enjoy

  2. ​I could see this being a good benchmark ball for those who like to play straighter and find the Phaze 2 to be too much.

  3. You forgot the Gravity Evolve, but most people want to forget that release. I have over 200 games on my Crux Prime, I absolutely love that ball. SPEC in my opinion was Storms first iteration of “Tour-ethane”. Spec loves straighter angles, parallel to the lane. It doesn’t jump, snap, or overreact. It’s extremely smooth and just does its thing almost no matter what’s on the lane. It’s a master of control. It might not always have the best carry, but it will keep you in the pocket the entire game and you’ll always know exactly what it’s going to do, once you get used to it. That cover is really special, but today’s league bowlers want to see balls check mark down lane, so SPEC is a hard sell.
    They need to market it as a urethane reactive blend do people have the right perspective going in.

    1. The only ball I have ever bought more than one of was the Pro-Motion, and it was because of SPEC. I wish they would put it on more balls, and not limit it to ‘Limited Edition’ runs.

    2. I love dumping up 10 arrow straightish. My local “pro” said the spec wasn’t liked much, I never tried 1. Your desrciption sounds like I’d love the spec. Super Nova 1st game crushes for me most nights. Considering a Marvel Maxx Tour (NEX hybrid) as my 1st symm ball out the bag since theres no strong core spec balls out right now. The Sun looks so close to my iQ nano Pearl.

  4. I’m guessing you can’t be caught dead with a motive ball anymore but have you had the chance to throw the carbide tank yet? Another limited edition ball that looks really good!

  5. Not thrilled about the lack of torque on this ball but I bet this ball would make you look good on a sport shot. Another thought is to try this on game 4 in your league Luis.

    1. @Luis Napoles So while the comparison to the IQTOUR vid is one I’m eagerly looking forward to, with all the comments about the Sun Storm looking urethane-like, in terms of shape, while I don’t completely agree, could you add the Zen U to that comparison vid, please?

  6. Honestly I would like to see that. I have multiple tours and very curious about it. Side note, what was the item you put on the sanding pad and does it help? I normally clean and do a wet sand

  7. Most nights I love my Super Nova on the fresh and then drop to iQ NanoPearl or iQ emerald (speed dom, up 10 dumper). When the S.Nova is to much and I start w the Phaze2 or iQ NP on the fresh but I think I need more cover strength (iQ NP at 2000). The sun looks so similar to the nano pearl. Might have to pull the trigger on my 1st overseas, the Marvel Maxx Tour w NEX hybrid caught my eye. Or just save money and hop on the Cosmos lol. Can’t wait for the comparison vids!

  8. I’m a lefty, and for the 500 games I threw it before it started to feel a little lazy, my pro motion was my favorite benchmark ball ever I think. The motion never really changed no matter what you were bowling on, just front to back where it started up. I have a sun storm sitting at the proshop waiting to be drilled and can’t wait.

    1. @kobek5272  I would say a hustle USA, or if you want to go a little higher in price an original IQ tour solid. But for a beginner I would say the hustle.

    2. Also a lefty in the collegiate bowling space, I’m hoping this ball will be as good as I hope. This might be another ball to put 1000 or 500 on just to get any smooth reaction from it on a sport condition

  9. Wanted one till I saw the price tag. I also really enjoy watching multi color bowling balls go down the lane, I can ID ball motion much better.

  10. I can tell you the original Sunstorm felt like it was 1 pound lighter than it’s true weight with it small but dense core. Moreover; the original revved up like nobody’s business. I didn’t use my thumb back in the day and the original Sunstorm did met me play outside up the boards with very high rev’s. I don’t have high hopes for this one even though I am getting one.

  11. I ordered one, and it will be here on Friday! I’m not sure how I’m going to punch it up, and I may sit on it for awhile. I’m still loving my Night Road and my new SWAG Joker Maniac. This might be a ball I punch for summer league. Or, it’ll sit with my !Q Tour Pink and wait for a rainy day.

  12. Spot on. The IQ tour is cleaner and quicker from what it looks like. Cool ball, but the tour is the goat in my book. Hard to beat it.

  13. I bought one. Just a sucker for the core and cover. I figured it would be so smooth and boring, perfect for the no brainer sweeps in Vegas. Thanks for the preview!

    1. @Luis Napoles I won’t really have a chance to drill it up for awhile, got too many end of year things to do. But your video made me feel like I drilled it and rolled it down the lanes. Mine isn’t as nice as yours, the red stuff over the etchings is terrible. And I still don’t know how much it is, was afraid to ask. I’ll have to compare mine to my Pro Motion, sitting on a new one as well. I’m funding you on Patreon for 2023, and I might double the amount for everyone.

  14. Lou–yes, please do a comparison vid of the Sun Storm and the IQTour. I love my IQ, and bought this one because well, hey, I love yellow bowling balls and when has Storm ever done a vintage re-release?!

    My PSO feels that the Sun Storm is close to being a yellow IQTour, but is this accurate?

  15. Lord Field has a ball called the Blizzard Frozen. This ball reminds me a lot of that. Reactive ball, that has urethane performance. And remember, this is a remake of an older piece, so it’s going to manipulate the look of a ball from that era of the game.
    This will probably be good for down and in, up 10 style bowlers. Or someone looking for that gap between urethane and reactive.

  16. I picked mine up on Thursday. I really like the clean look and the movement off the friction. Fits perfectly in the bag for transition. I laid it out: 4 1/2 x 4 x 4 1/8. Thanks for your take Luis!

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