Reality VS proton physix | Full Uncut Review

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24 Comments on “Reality VS proton physix | Full Uncut Review”

    1. I just bowled at Waterford lanes a few days ago (to take a look at the new shop) . Now granted, it was Friday evening, and I have no idea when the last time the lanes were oiled, nor do I know the pattern they put out. But the outsides were dry for sure. My pearl urethane bounced off the dry no problem. Once I moved left enough with my feet and got a good amount of head oil, it was really easy to hit the pocket. Actually, after hearing JR’S thoughts on the lane surface, it just made me more confident with my ball selection.

    1. You and probably 90% of bowlers will have the Proton as the stronger ball if they are drilled similar

    2. Don’t confuse backend motion with over all hook. Yes the proton is stronger downlane but that’s only because it’s a cleaner cover. The reality picks up the lane sooner which will make it seem like it’s hooking less for most people because it’s not making the strong shape at the back of the pattern

    3. JR Raymond thanks for the reply but when I said stronger I meant front to back not side to side cause from my understanding the NEX cover is stronger then 84R and most people have the Proton as the stronger front to back but you also have 4.5” pin on the Reality vs 5” pin on Proton which should make the Reality read soon then the Proton

  1. Excited for the new shop/class! Can I request a shorter intro? I’d love to have a quick couple graphics, some dope music but maybe 10-15 seconds, max. Thanks!

    1. @Tim Marini well, yeah. I mean it’s his channel. I skip the intro in every video cuz it’s a waste of time. But I’m not telling him to cut it out for me. However, if you have the skills to make an intro for him and send it to him I’m sure he would give it a look.

  2. Shop looks nice. Thank you for comparing these two. They both look like they’d eat a dang shark. (Wink-wink)

  3. Dang them lanes are dry to the point where of course these 2 balls are automatically going to pick up extra early cause they need oil 💯. Not a good time to be throwing heavy oil balls

    1. The ones in the videos are great for lower rev bowlers. Another amazing option is the Jackal Legacy. Im fairly low rev rate and my legacy is amazing.

  4. Wait this was 22 hours ago, today is the 10th, and he’s now telling us about the raffle? I’m so confused, and said the raffle will be in the 8th

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