Real Purple Ball? Fake Purple Ball? Whose is Better? Purple Hammer vs Purple Tank

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38 Comments on “Real Purple Ball? Fake Purple Ball? Whose is Better? Purple Hammer vs Purple Tank”

  1. Damn your an hour late bro just bought 3 balls one of which is urethane… better be the right one or… lol

    1. Well luckily his “reviews” are fair subjective. Every ball will roll differently for each person depending on your rev rate and speed, axis tilt, axis rotation, and the lanes you will play on.
      Take every review and comparison you see with a grain of salt. The best way to figure how a ball will react is to throw them yourself.

  2. That strike seeker system is $4,800 with a lifetime software license, or $3,500 with just a one year subscription. It’s expensive but nice.

    1. Brunswick is releasing new Purple Hammers.
      But they are making sure their new manufacturing plants can produce them correctly.
      They are also considering, for 14 lb Purples, either infusing them with Carbon Fiber (Hammer) or filling them with DynamiCore (Brunswick) to increase the 14 lb C.O.R. so they hit like the 15 lb two-piece design. Stay tuned.

    2. Likely they will be similar, but not the same. The purple hammer has a softer cover and can be manipulated easier. But, for the same reason many of them are illegal. It’s likely Brunswick will change the cover hardness so that they don’t become soft and don’t have to redesign after testing. it will be different.

    3. @Chugalingus The reason Brunswick is waiting as long as they are to release new Purple’s is they want them to be back better than ever.
      They know everyone wants the Purple Hammer back, so they are making sure the new Purple’s are amazing.
      The last thing Brunswick wants is to release dud Purple Hammer’s that everyone hates.

    1. I’d take another idol over a purple hammer or purple tank urethane poo made for people with no real bowling skills. Cheat balls are ruining the sport not two handers

  3. Honest question: would a more fair comparison be the Black Urethane Hammer & the Purple Tank, given they’re both solids?

    1. @nordattack How well does the Black Widow Urethane handle floods compared to say the Midnight Scorcher? How big is the difference in strength between the two? BTW, I have a similar speed and rev rate as JR but with more Axis Tilt off my hand.

    2. I was aware of how poor the Widow Urethane is. I didn’t like it at all in demos. Was thinking more of the purple’s complement, the Black Urethane.

      Appreciate the commentary and love watching you test out gear. Please keep up the tremendous work.

    3. @TheB Nope. The Black Widow urethane Solid was an amazing ball for me.
      Some of my best series were shot with it. It was not too early for me as long as I played it in the oil on house shots.
      I was able to float it up the lane with my low rev rate and it would roll heavy.
      You can see it in action on my channel in video#57.

    4. @TheB The Visionary Midnight Scorcher Particle Urethane will never be topped. It is the beast of beasts when it comes to strong urethane.
      The Wonder’s at Visionary were geniuses when it came to urethane balls. They made all the Faball balls (Blue Hammer etc.) and later urethane balls under the Visionary name.
      The Scorcher is much stronger than the Black Widow urethane, but the great thing is the Scorcher is also more angular in the back and allowed me to move in and push it right where the Black Widow would poop out and not make the turn back.
      These two videos on my channel point out how strong it is compared to other balls:
      Video 56 – Midnight Scorcher vs Black Widow Urethane
      Video 81 – How Strong is the Midnight Scorcher?

  4. I wonder if the pin camera for the strike seeker could be put just infront of the 1 pin looking down to where you can see super detailed between pin deflection.

  5. Can i ask a question? This is like the 2nd or 3rd place you have been at. You staying here or do you just bounce around.
    Not faulting you ,, just wondering

  6. I was able to use this today, and this was a very helpful tool .Wish bowling centers back home has this technology.

  7. Thanks for the comparison JR. Too bad you’re not a lefty. Oh well still very informative. Really diggin’ that Strike Seeker System.

  8. Nothin hits like a hammer! For most of us who bowl on a house pattern with a decent volume or length, the purple hammer isn’t quite enough. I was really hoping motiv would make a stronger purple but they went the other way . The black widow black urethane will definitely get there on a house pattern but it doesn’t have the cleanliness and back end pop of the purple. I don’t know why hammer didn’t release the black widow purple in the US but maybe Brunswick will now or a new version of it with the upcoming release.

    1. @Stomping Peak I’d say the Blitz acts more like a solid than a urethane, you might be better off with a bigger, slower ball like the Forge Flare, or something with average specs like the RipCord Flight or the Venom Shock

    2. @Gavin Winkler nah I need another urethane type of ball. Already have alot of the mid-high performance spots filled. Just wanted the blitz because its good when the lanes are clifed

    3. @Gavin Winkler the Sigma core will be back. It might even be a part of the typical dual release in the summer months. The hybrid jackal will be after the summer releases.

    4. Well the desert and the blitz are microcell, which isn’t technically urethane. We know they’re not urethane because they’re very continuous on the back end, especially the blitz when it sees friction. I actually like this and the fact that they don’t screw up the lane like regular urethane. These 2 also have a surface of around 2000 typically when regular urethane is around 500. I have the blitz on my list but it’s had mixed reviews at the houses I bowl at. Some guys really love it though.

    5. @Travis Faircloth yeah it’s basically a urethane ball that allows miss room to either side. Since it has some reaction. Thats why I was going to get it

  9. Thank you! Thank you very much! Finally.
    Look forward to seeing the Fast Pitch against the two Purples.

  10. So is your ball speed really 14-15 mph ? I feel like some speedometers read different or are placed at different lengths.

  11. Just my opinion, but it is good that the compliment each other… but on the other hand if they are nearly identical when they are close to the dry and then when you need to move left the purple hammer looks better then you might as well stay with purple hammer the whole time

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