Raw Hammer Black Ball Review By Luis Napoles | True Light Oil Beast!

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This Raw Hammer Black is truly a special bowling ball for lighter oil pattern volumes or whenever you want to keep the bowling ball in front of you!

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9 Comments on “Raw Hammer Black Ball Review By Luis Napoles | True Light Oil Beast!”

  1. I gotta say, the Hammer balls have been fire for you. I like hammer the most of all the brunswick brands. They make strong coverstocks that also have a bit of pop at the end.

  2. Am I really gonna have to add this to my bag as well? Im gonna have a bag full of hammers here soon lmao. Someone sponsor me lol.

  3. I have this ball and the Raw Pearl, I love them both! I completely agree with the Web comparison because I said the same thing after a full game.

  4. I have the Raw Hybrid and it is great when my upper and upper/mid performance balls just get squirrelly in the mids and very inconsistent motion in the back. It is basically a great ball to ball down to when there has been too much transition on the heads. Please do the burner pearl.

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