Raptor Fury Ball Review with Andrew Anderson

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Andrew Anderson tests out the new Raptor Fury! In this video, he shows how the Raptor Fury fits between both the Jackal Ambush and Jackal Ghost. Throwing progressive shots on the lanes with each and then throwing each on the same line.

0:00 Intro
0:33 Description
0:56 Ball Comparisons – Ball Progression
3:12 Ball Comparisons – Same Line


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14 Comments on “Raptor Fury Ball Review with Andrew Anderson”

    1. @TraumaER almost every pro drifts left if they’re a righty or right if they’re a lefty. Never said it was bad but he literally drifts like 15 left. Maybe 15’s an overstatement but my point is it doesn’t matter where he’s standing in the beginning if he ends significantly further left

    2. @Tomato Wado well I drift right and I’m right handed. Example, left foot by game 3 is around 22-23 board. I finish with my left foot around 20 or so.

    1. I thought it might be helpful! Also, it was really fun shooting it all in 1 take and I wanted people to see that

  1. Can you do a comparison with the raptor fury and black venom? I think running both in the bag will be a great combo.

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