Raptor Altitude By Staffer Luis Napoles | Overseas Edition

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The Motiv Raptor Altitude is the newest ball in Motiv's overseas catalog! This ball features the ALL NEW Affliction weight block and the ever popular Infusion HV Pearl cover!! This ball is crazy good!!

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46 Comments on “Raptor Altitude By Staffer Luis Napoles | Overseas Edition”

  1. Looks like it gave you a really wide pocjet – came back hard from misses to the right, but sat in the oil on misses left. Sign of a great ball IMO!

  2. MAN what the hell Motiv, y’all just gonna release 100 balls before I can make it to Nationals this year huh 😂😂😂

    Now showing International balls

    1. Motiv releases balls every 45 days lol the Overseas stuff I had to pay for they aren’t supplied from Motiv like the other balls I review

    2. @MotivLou lol I’m still trying to get the funds together for the fatal venom and the forge flare 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I’ve glossed up my forge fire and both were clean through the front but the altitude picked up a little earlier do to the fact i believe one is a pearl and one is a hybrid and the cover on the altitude is stronger as well

    1. That’s an interesting take I’ll have to compare the two side by side with same layout and surface to see how they differ

    1. All ball companies make overseas exclusive balls. The market overseas is completely different than the US market so they get different stuff.

    2. @Anthony Gomes if you find a distributor from one of those countries I listed that will ship them then yea absolutely

    3. @MotivLou Even if they can but the shipment cost will be more than the cost of the ball or almost equal! Sad enough such a nice ball but cant have it due to double the normal cost+here the proshop will charge another $100+ to drill put fittings! By the time I can roll this ball it will cost me atleast $400 – $450…too much for me. Anyways thank you for your replies.

  4. Idk why it’s so funny to me but I love that you have an amazon link to just an iphone 12 as one of you cameras. No hate or anything, I think your quality of content is amazing, just think it’s funny

    1. I agree that at some point this core will make its way here but the overseas stuff is def not testing grounds lol they get to order exactly what they want down to the color of the ball

    1. This ball is an overseas exclusive. All bowling ball companies have certain balls that are only made for the overseas market.

  5. Typical of motiv. Every limited release ball they have made in the last 2 years has been amazing. The T10, the VIP, and now this. Why do they do this? Makes no sense to me.

    1. Well this ball is different than the T10 and the VIP. This Raptor is a overseas ball. All other companies have overseas balls. If you order enough balls you can make whatever you want also LOL

    2. @MotivLou I get it. My complaint still stands with the T10 and VIP. I have both of those. They are great balls that should have been in mainstream production.

    1. That’ll depend on how much oil you have in the middle. Even though this ball is a shiny pearl its still quite strong up front

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