1. I was all excited for a ball named, “Butt-hurt!” I throw a lot of Storm equipment but I would throw anything named butt-hurt!

    1. Agreed. I thought there was a new ball coming out call the “Butt-Hurt”. 😂 And I am still waiting for the “Big Bro Pimpin'”

  2. I got a Polaris Hybrid recently and thought it would be more vibrant. It’s sort of ugly. Definitely not a sign of a bad ball though. That ball absolutely crushes. I also got my first Swag Ball, Dynamite Max. Anyone getting upset over an Ugliest Ball video has their bowling priorities in the wrong place…. unless they actually designed the look of the ball. Then, get good, scrub.

  3. Very surprised that Trevor’s now on team Hammer and I figured Marshall would have joined Motiv with his buddy EJ. This year is going to be exciting!

    1. Motiv is overrated. The ball motions aren’t great. Unless you have a ton of hand/revs they are blah… Why would anyone force themselves to throw stuff that is average no matter how good they market it.

      Motiv storm without the back end reaction…

  4. Wow !!! BEANS!!!
    I thought the f-ugly Swag was just a thing…too bad it got such a crazy backlash.

    I would like to see Marshall get as consistent as Bill O’Neill…Bill has been pretty steady with Hammer in his hands. Here’s hoping ALS and Trevor can lock in too.

    Good stuff as always!!!

  5. Good for you Mr. Beans sometimes the “truth” hurts! I’m a Hammer/Radical fans so I’m psyched for the new Hammer staffers. Keep up your good hard work brother.

  6. As a swag staffer (yes that’s what we are called lol) I thought your video was hilarious. No hard feelings here. I’ll say no comment to the other stuff lol. Love the content you put out.

    1. Well since you can’t throw big bowling in PBA events. The two options would be either they are going to close up doors or become house balls. None of the the pro shops around me carry their stuff and the 4 balls of theirs I have are all trash.

  7. I actually own a swag ball and the ones you said were trash I totally agree. I don’t know what they were thinking with that Christmas ball. 🤦🏿‍♂️

  8. This is going to be good, can’t wait to see Trevor on tv with some hammer balls the same goes for Marshall Kent

  9. I’m currently on staff with California Bowling and I understand when some people talk about how their bowling balls suck and other stuff, but I personally am the type of bowler that can throw any bowling ball by any brand and make it look good. In other words I respect ALL the brands of bowling. The only personal ones I didn’t like cause they were too strong “cover wise” and that caused them to burn out. I’m referring to the Hyper Cell Solid and No Rules solid both by Roto Grip. I support bowling in every way and love the sport 🙋🏾‍♂️😀

  10. ALS had success with Swag, but the issue was the lack of resources. He was the only touring pro and no ball rep. Swag does make some good stuff but not everyone’s cop of tea.

  11. LMAO, Beans this video was hilarious. Nice work. You’re 100% right about a lot of SWAGs equipment being ugly. They will get over it. Cool to see Kent and ALS join Hammer. That will put them over the top. Kent was a top bowler before Big Bowling ruined him.

  12. Als switched because there was no one to help him know what balls are the moves up and down from what he was in. He said on beef and barnzy that was the most difficult part of being the only guy on tour throwing it. No help.

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