20 Comments on “Ranking The Best Storm, Roto Grip and 900 Global Bowling Balls of 2021 | My Tier List!”

  1. Seeing my NIB Fast Pitch at the bottom of the thumbnail makes me a sad panda lol. I’m hoping it will complement my Desert Tank.

    1. Fast pitch is not very popular but that doesn’t mean you won’t like it. Odds aren’t good but my current favorite ball wasn’t very popular in my neighborhood: Idol pro.

  2. Great video Luis, these tier lists are good for an overview of where to start with new equipment. Good to see one of these a few times a year.

  3. Loved the Tier List! As a two hander the Dark Code for me is really good 🙂 i just bought a Wolverine so i am really excited to throw it!

  4. My favorite ball is not really popular. I won an idol pro last season. I had it drilled a couple months ago. That ball is amazing. It’s so balanced. It’s got plenty of back end but isn’t prone to over under. It clears the fronts but isn’t angular. It’s just so middle of the road it is in play all night during leagues. My second favorite is Phaze II and 3rd is OG crux.

    1. @Angry Badger I have a friend thats 77 years old and throws it religiously and still puts up 700 in our scratch league quite often.

  5. Dude I am so sorry you caught the virus. Thank God European news outlets have said much less potent and a majority of the positive tests are asymptomatic.

    Lots of fluid and take it easy.

    Thanks for doing your best to entertain us and continue to give us good information.

    I do think a Q&A kind of like when you guys practice would be a great time for people to ask you questions and pick your brain.

  6. If I had to build a arsenal of storm roto and 900 global. IQ tour solid/ IQ tour fusion/ marvel s/ defiant /outlaw/ the x/

  7. The one ball you did not rate is the Electrify Pearl. I bought that ball a few months ago and I did not like it because it was too long and too snappy. I then watched your video about the Hustle Camo and I changed the surface to 2000 and since then it has become one of my favorite balls. It has similar specs to the Hustle.

  8. So is UC3 better than the Desert Tank, Purple Tank and Purple Hammer? Just wondering because I have all 3 and I’m on the fence about it

  9. Luis hope you get well soon. I had the original Covid-19 and almost died. Covid is no joke, I think you are really tough to do videos of any kind under the circumstances. Very interesting list you have. I think its worth noting that the old balls still have overall the top shelve. Great job and get well my friend.

  10. I have to be the only moron that doesn’t get along with the original Zen 🤦‍♂️ – IDK what it is, it’s so over/under for me and often seems to start up a foot earlier or later than I want it to

    1. That was my plan for this video. I wanted to rank all the balls I reviewed this year from all brands but the website only lets me upload a certain amount of images so I was stuck

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