Ranking ALL Storm, Roto Grip and 900 Global Bowling Balls Into Six Categories! My Tier List!

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Today we are ranking all the bowling balls in the SPI family! Storm Roto Grip and 900 Global! What bowling balls do you think I will end up loving and hating?!

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26 Comments on “Ranking ALL Storm, Roto Grip and 900 Global Bowling Balls Into Six Categories! My Tier List!”

  1. Hey Luis! I think if you changed the title to something like “Ranking the Best Balls of 2022!” or “Storm Ball Tier List!” you might get some extra clicks. Just a recommendation

    1. @skf boiler I’ve thrown them on two different house shots on two different bowling centers and a tournament

  2. Bring back the beard! Super shocked the Hustle Camo so far down the list. I thought it won your best ball of the year over the Zen not too long ago. What happened?

    1. Just over time I used it less and less. It would have been higher on the list if it wasn’t for the USA

  3. Love the ranks videos. Keep doing it. Would love to hear more details on what situations/lane conditions you would use your goat/love categories balls.

    Question: in league, what order would you use your goat balls?

    Also, bring back the beard!! 🤣

  4. Dang Luis!!! I thought you would’ve had a change of heart on the Dark Code 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but I understand and thank you for the dope videos ‼️💯✊🏾

  5. Definitely like the video format, so keep them coming. Hey there is nothing wrong with looking younger.

  6. I definitely would love seeing some of the weaker balls, with my high Rev rate its really what I need to throw, I’m hoping to get the Hustle USA on your recommendation so for me would live to see the Weaker equipment. Also Goid Luck on the Interview!!!!

  7. Beards for life! If they don’t like your beard they don’t deserve you. I like these vids especially when you go over why they are going into those categories (i.e. it has too much overlap with another ball that works better in a certain situation).

  8. It is interesting hearing how your feelings changed on all the balls, kind of like Luke Rosdahl’s report card series.

    I bought the burner solid off your recommendation and still love it. But I can see there being other options for people who have as many options as you do.

  9. I’m definitely curious how you’d like the topical surge. That line always came in clutch for me during high school varsity and even after that. Haven’t drilled one up in like 4 years tho

  10. Good luck on the interview. Hope your wife doesn’t freak out as much as mine does when I shave my facial hair! You’d think I was a monster.

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