16 Comments on “RADICAL * THE HITTER * DEADLY RATTLER | New ASYM line in Radical | HK22 added to Rattler series!”

  1. Nice review Chris. I like the specs of the Rattler. Especially with the HK22, the the compound. Kinda reminds me of my GB4 hybrid. I like the shiny stuff. And I’ve been using 3M auto compound on my stuff for years. It’s much better than the Brunswick factory compound, in my opinion.

    1. I stumbled across it, using it for the headlights for my car. But it’s so much better than the factory stuff. Holds up better, and you need so little. I’m glad I’m not the only one using it 😂.

  2. Mr Beans with the scoop! That font on The Hitter has a very 1970’s vibe to it. That Deadly Rattler might just finally be a replacement worthy for my Bonus Pearl. Thanks man!

  3. I got my eye on the hitter. They might be on to something with these computer generated cores. I like my outer limits as well.

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