Radical Spy w/ Joey Pants

Sneak peek at this highly anticipated ball with the hilarious Joe Paluszek A.K.A. Joey Pants!

Full ThroBot ball review coming soon!

The Spy is available 06.17.2021!

#WOWThatsRadical #RadicalSpy #RadicalRevolution

13 Comments on “Radical Spy w/ Joey Pants”

  1. 55-4-25 is your layout. May I know your speed and axis tilt please? This info will help me a lot to decide whether to go for this ball or not. Thanks and awaiting your answer…

  2. No details about the only word everyone is interested in : “textured”. Not a good sign to not address that.

  3. Very interesting piece of equipment 😁 It shows that bowling ball motion comes from the core and not the coverstock! Keep going this #RadicalRevolution 👍

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