Radical Payback – Technical Core Overview – #RadicalRundown

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It's time again for the #RadicalRundown!

This week, we introduce Brunswick's Core Design Engineer Bryan Buckosh and hear him discuss the dynamic properties of the new Payback core and how it compares to the similar shaped Bonus core.

If you have questions or comments, post them below!

#WOWThatsRadical #RadicalPayback

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7 Comments on “Radical Payback – Technical Core Overview – #RadicalRundown”

  1. Amazing part is I almost completely understood that, thank you for teaching me a lot about how drilling into the core effects ball movement…

  2. While the video was informative, You can tell Bryan is an Engineer.
    Please Slow down when you are talking, You have great knowledge and you are willing to share it with us bowlers,
    please slow down when speaking

    1. I just watch repeatedly I got first 2/3 quickly took a bit to get the last portion, I think I might know more now than who drills my balls… just kidding he is actually very good!

  3. kinda feel like we need videos on this, but with the coverstocks. I know Radical is about the cores, but I’d like to see some stuff on which coverstocks are on which balls.

    Great video Mr Buckosh!

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